The Appalachian region is our home—it’s where we have lived and worked for generations. We’ve raised our children here, we’ve cared for aging loved ones here, we’ve made lives and built livelihoods here and we’ve always remained true to who we are. We are proud of our history in the region and recognize our responsibility to uphold high standards of operation. Our employees are deeply invested in this region, and so is CNX. That’s why our approach to corporate responsibility isn’t just business, it’s personal to us. This report is the foundation of our commitment to our neighbors throughout the Pittsburgh region and the entire Appalachian Basin.

Our first core value is responsibility for a reason. Our sense of community, the pride we take in the region we call home and the role we’ve played here for over 154 years means everything to us. Responsibility means working hard to ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and communities and to protect and enhance the environment. Responsibility also means being a good neighbor and a good corporate citizen by investing in our community and improving the region for all its residents. Finally, responsibility means being prudent stewards of the trust placed in us by our owners, always preparing for what lies ahead and ensuring that CNX is healthy, strong and firmly committed to delivering lasting value to all our stakeholders.

This report outlines the actions and initiatives we are engaged in to safely and compliantly provide clean-burning natural gas to fulfill today’s energy needs and tomorrow’s promise. We’re proud of what we do and proud to be part of a natural gas revolution that is sweeping the globe—a revolution that is rapidly improving the environment, providing low-cost energy security to billions and fueling a new, natural gas-enabled industrial revolution in the Pittsburgh region and far beyond. This report highlights our belief that natural gas is a cornerstone fuel and a critical element of America’s and the world’s long-term energy future.

During 2018, we continued to execute and deliver on the company’s strategic and operational goals and our commitment to responsible business practices including:

  • Culture: Our safety culture is ingrained in every CNX employee and contractor. No job or activity is considered a success if we compromise the safety of our employees, service providers, neighbors, or environment. We are proud of achieving an Employee Total Recordable Incident Rate in 2018 that is 2 times lower than the most recently published OSHA industry average for oil and gas extraction.
  • Stewardship: Operating as a good neighbor and environmental steward is core to what we do and is a primary focus throughout all levels of decision- making. Our partnership with Evolution Well Services demonstrates our commitment to seeking advanced technologies that minimize our emissions and environmental impact.
  • Performance: This report introduces our X-Factor program, established in 2018 to encourage innovative and collaborative efforts across CNX. It is a holistic, end-to-end view of the entire well delivery value stream, from land and title and corporate support functions, to construction, to exploration and development concluding with production. This program recognizes and rewards milestones when excellence has been earned through performance goals, commemorating significant accomplishments, encouraging innovation and process improvements, while motivating our team to give discretionary effort that meets the standard of one of our core values of excellence.
  • Community: We value the communities in which we operate and seek ways to invest in the region that has been the foundation of CNX for more than 150 years. In 2018, CNX partnered with local NBC affiliate WPXI-TV on their 11 Cares community outreach program.

While this report does adhere to the GRI Core reporting metrics, it specifically showcases initiatives that meet our own lofty standards, not those driven by a flawed social agenda that views our industry and our employees as part of the past—something that should be eradicated instead of supported and celebrated. Our commitment to corporate responsibility stems from a strong belief in who we are, in the greatness of our region, in the important service our employees provide to their fellow citizens and in a bright economic and environmental future fueled by the Appalachian natural gas revolution.

On behalf of CNX, thank you for the opportunity to share this report with you and the robust discussion we hope it generates around our exciting company and the virtues of the natural gas industry.

Nick DeIuliis President and Chief Executive Officer